7 Reasons Why Video Improves Content Engagement and SEO Rankings

Thanks to the internet, anyone can create an effective personal brand with the help of tools like social media and blogs. It’s also important to note that as time progresses, video content continues to dominate as one of the most effective ways to achieve engagement with followers and rank in the search engines. This is true for many reasons.

1. People prefer watching videos over looking at pictures.

There are many marketing researchers who predicted that video content would be the next best way to connect with audiences. Since those predictions, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram installed features that allow users to stream live content, post video stories, and more.

As you can imagine, videos are shared at a much higher rate than pictures. Plus, many people prefer the entertaining facet of videos. Throw social media numbers into the mix, and you will see the numbers of visual and video starts are literally hundreds of times higher than that of straight written text content.

2. People can connect with you better.

One of the reasons why so many people love video content is because it allows them to feel like they’re connecting with you on a different level. Many celebrities host their own YouTube channels because they want to engage their fans in a way they can control more than other forms of social media posts. When you have a close friend you want to talk to, it’s always nice to communicate in person or over the phone. You can hear or sometimes see them in action. You’ll get to connect with them in a way that’s more authentic than a picture or a text message.

A perfect example of this can be seen with celebrities that create those “behind-the-scenes” videos to achieve the same type of impact. They want the viewer to feel as though they’re connecting with the celebrity on a more intimate level. When someone cares enough to watch a video, this means they’re clearly interested.

3. YouTube is owned by Google.

YouTube is one of the most popular video platforms in the world. It’s also owned by Google. Google is the most visited site in the world. So, when you have a search engine taking full ownership of your platform, your platform is bound to achieve SEO rankings. This is one of the main reasons why so many people flock to YouTube. They already know that with consistency and the right keywords, their content can take off because of YouTube’s direct connection to Google.

The key is to make sure you optimize your videos correctly. Pick the title that will mirror the words and phrases people will put in the search engine when they’re looking for content like yours. Then, it’s wise to use the description box and keyword areas to use relevant words and phrases that can help your content rank higher in the search engines.

4. You can get a better understanding of what people want in the comment section.

When content creators make their videos, they always leave a great call to action. They tell viewers to comment below with an answer to a specific question. There’s something about hearing a prompt to comment below that works more effectively than typing it in a social media post.

Plus, if the content is really good, people want to comment and let you know. If they’re invested in your videos, they can comment with suggestions, tips and other sentiments. Sure, you’ll probably get your fair share of internet trolls, but don’t let those negative comments deter you from moving forward.

5. As more people watch, the more search engines will validate you.

If you produce videos on a consistent basis, you’ll get to enjoy the benefits of seeing gradual traction. Very few people experience instant success. However, it’s not uncommon for videos to slowly build up. As you become more consistent, more people will want to watch your content because they trust you to show up with new videos.

As more people consistently watch your videos, the algorithms of the search engines will give you a boost because it’s clear that you produce quality content that’s worth sharing. As you continue to produce relevant content, you’ll be able to experience the joys of better SEO rankings.

6. Streaming content is dominating the marketplace.

Television networks recognize the power of streaming, digital content and online videos. As a result, they’re recognizing what the consumer wants. Within the content of major television networks, video improves content engagement because it is convenient. This can also be influenced by how well video is created and cropped for the final version as well.

When a consumer can enjoy online content from their phone, they can be virtually anywhere with a WiFi connection and consume videos. There’s nothing convenient about a flat-screen television. Whether a person is in a hospital bed or the line at the DMV, they can pull out their phone or tablet and enjoy content during their downtime. The ease and convenience of this option are priceless. If you take a look at major online retailers that are successful, they make it really easy for the consumer to purchase with the touch of one button. Video streaming content makes it easy for the consumer to connect and consume from anywhere.

7. It helps to position you as an authority.

Whether you’re creating a brand surrounding homeschooling or climate change, you want to position yourself as an authority. This will be your best chance of getting people to listen to you. People love listening to the perspectives that will enrich their own lives.

So when you regularly produce videos on a certain topic, you’re telling people that you have a lot of valuable insight to share. When you’re consistently positioning yourself with great videos, a consistent publishing schedule and great marketing efforts, you’ll be able to get the visibility you need to stand out, gain more viewers and improve your rankings.

There are a lot of moving parts to successfully producing video content. While it’d be nice if your very first video went viral, this isn’t a strategy to rely on. Instead, when you commit to the process and implement various proven strategies, you’ll be able to get the progression your content deserves.

In summary, even if videos feel intimidating at first, it’s okay to practice and plan out what you’ll say in advance. When your brand is polished, professional and consistent, people will stop what they’re doing to take notice.

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