Freebie: 20 CSS3 And JQuery Countdown Timer Scripts

The modern time is the times of cut throat competition and intense marketing. In fact many website initiate the marketing process long before the site is up and live on the internet. However, customers who are led to such websites through various marketing tools tend to feel somewhat disappointed if they just come across blank web page.

In order to avoid turning off these prospective clients permanently, many developers use different types of countdown timer scripts on client websites. Although these scripts are available in various web languages, the CSS3 and jQuery timer scripts are definitely the most popular.


The countdown timer scripts help offer information about the time remaining for an event to occur or a website to become operational. The CSS3 and jQuery scripts are generally preferred as they are extremely easy to use and offer great functionality in a hassle free manner. Most countdown timer scripts can be customized to not only display the remaining time but also provide a sense of assurance to the visitors through an integrated text message or maybe an offer for newsletter signup. Some popular CSS3 and jQuery timers even offer the benefit of a themed display that helps to enhance the curiosity of the visitors and bring them back once the website is live.

Given below is a list of the most popular CSS3 and jQuery timer scripts online available for free, making them extremely cost effective without compromising their efficiency and accuracy. Each of these countdown timer scripts is perfect for use in websites that are undergoing maintenance, or are under construction or are simply not available to the users for a specific time period.

1) Circular Minimal Countdown [Download]


2) CSS-Only Countdown Clock [Download]


3) Countdown script [Download]


4) Draft Countdown [Download]


5) Countdown Timer [Download]


6) Countdown Clock [Download]


7) Javascript Countdown [Download]


8) Angular Countdown Timer Directive [Download]


9) A simple and html agnostic date countdown plugin for jQuery [Download]


10) Countdown jQuery  [Download]


11) Flippin’ 3D Countdown with CSS & JavaScript [Download]


12) jQuery Countdown Timer [Download]


13) CountdownCube – jQuery countdown timer plugin [Download]


14) jquery Countdown Timer Plugin [Download]


15) Countdown timer [Download]


16) TimeCircles jQuery plugin [Download]


17) Free jQuery Count Down Plugin [Download]


18) jQuery Countdown Timer Script [Download]


19) FlipClock.js [Download]


20) Styled JavaScript Countdown Clock [Download]


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