Inspiration: 15 Websites With Full Screen Hero Images

Hero images have been around now for some time, and they certainly don’t seem to be losing novelty with time. Apart from slight transformations (carousels, sliders, interactive images), hero images have been the same ol’ magazine inspired full-page image designs that never lose their charm.


Modern designs call for simplicity, minimalism, and visual aesthetics. Hero images is a good replacement for mediocre stock photos and fit perfectly well with this description, which is probably why they have been splattered on masses of webpages today.

But, how can you make your own hero image webpage design stand out? Let’s check out some of the best websites with hero images for inspiration to figure that out!


image 1

Whether you are a cat lover or not, you’ll love what the CatScarf’s design team has done to this kitty-scarf selling web page (who knew there’s a shop for it?!). With a perfectly placed menu and logo, the webpage sports an adorable sleeping kitty wearing a scarf at the top in full screen with the collection date and a CTA right at the bottom. The designer managed to include the most important elements at the top without making it too busy.

Tatamagouche Brewing Company

image 2

This Nova Scotia based brewery has a brilliant parallax design that places their product front and center. An animated series of dots signals users to scroll down after which the image slowly disappears with each scroll.

Cleverbird Creative

image 3

Cleverbird, a digital design branding firm, certainly has one clever design for inspiration. The hero image on this one is quite intriguing. It’s a simple photo of table with chairs, perhaps signifying “company”. But that’s not all. As you scroll below another series of hero images follow, introducing something new each time.

The Renovator

image 4

The Renovator is a training program designed to cater to your fitness needs. Full page hero images are introduced on this page in a carousel slider.


image 5

Here’s another carousel slide hero image for inspiration. Falve is an online men’s clothing and accessories shop.  With brilliant high-quality images, this webpage ensures that user’s stay on the page—and we mean literally. There is no option to scroll right or left—the menu at the top is good enough. Simple and sweet.

Daniella Draper

image 6

Daniella Draper is a hard-core jewelry designer with even a degree in jewelry designing (there is such as thing!). Daniella’s passion-inspired online jewelry store sports hero images of models wearing DD jewelry. Nothing fancy is required to “wow” the audience. Her models and jewelry are good enough!


image 7

This is a London-based retail brand of clothes. Apart from having a full-sized hero image at the top, the webpage reveals even more hero-images split into three different pictures with the same model wearing a range of different clothes. The idea is quite unique with photography taking the stage everywhere and combining into full-size hero images.

Metropol Band

image 8

This is a famous Spanish band with a fabulous and interactive website design. It begins with an image of a mountain—perhaps inspired by the logo or vice versa. Then moves on to some of their hit numbers, videos, along with more hero images of the band.


image 9

Magisto is an awesome app for transforming your images and videos into interactive films, you’ll love watching over and over again. The designer made a clever choice for design on this one since the hero image at the top signifies the app’s top feature: transforming images into treasured pieces.

GC Watches

image 10

GC watches side parts hero images with a minimalistic copy at the right. Despite that, the images are so clear, high-quality, and bold. This also allows potential buyers to perfectly view the products without having to click on and load large, individual images.

Sharp and Savory

image 11

The duo designers went pretty bold with their latest home page design. Charlotte Tang, the interaction designer and owner of the portfolio page, chose a hero image of herself wearing chic glasses she recently bought.

Britney Spears

image 12

Britney Spears’s latest website design has hero-images that (obviously) show her off in multiple ways. The design is pretty minimal, having only a hamburger menu at the top along with her name apart from the images. What else does Britney need besides herself to impress people, right?


image 13

I was highly inspired by this design. BottegaRomana is a Paris-based Pizza place with a mouth-watering design for their webpage. Clearly, the best way to do this is with the help of high-quality, scrumptious hero images of their offering (pizza!). Although a copy parts it on the left side, the full screen pizza occupies enough space to make an impact. I also admire how the image “shutters in” with an effect.

Where We’ve Just Bean

image 14

Just Bean has a beautiful collection of images by Ben and Becky—coffee enthusiasts. While Ben snaps away beautiful photos of coffee shops where they’ve “just bean”, Becky ponders over what she can write for all other coffee lovers to acknowledge. This web design is a perfect example of how you can use full-sized hero images for a clear and beautiful visual presentation.

Innographs: Innovative Photography

image 15

“Innographs” is rather unique word for innovative photographs. However, it does pretty much sum up what these wedding photographers are capable of in one word. The designer of the website didn’t do any less of an amazing job by placing spectacular, retina-ready photography in full screen on the home page. A carousel slider is used to reel in a collection of beautiful photos, showcasing what their services are all about. With a menu at the top, a tagline at the center, and CTA button below it, there isn’t too much going on to divert the viewer’s attention from the hero images.

Well, what do you know? The above designs are just as modern as any other with hero images to showcase their offerings. Have you seen any lately that inspired you?

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