12 Magnificent Freeware Tools for Graphic Designers

Few years back there was not much scope of graphic designing, but with the passage of time, the networks of network (internet) has grown up to optimum level and this increases the scope of graphic designing in the web industry and thus establishing a graphic design company by skilled graphic designers.

The use of graphics in the web is known as web designing. Web designing is the art of making the content attractive and appealing to the site visitor, so that web masters get the benefit of less bounce rate and conversion with the high traffic.  There are the designers who engage with professional web design companies in order to deliver quality results.

We recommend the best graphic design freeware tools which you can use for adding the graphic into the website.

1.    Flockdraw


Image Source:www.flockdraw.com

It is a Freeware Web based Painting/drawing tool.


It has almost every feature of MS Paint; with drawing you can also have the chat facility with the other people in the chat room.


It can be extremely useful when you want to show your drawing/creativity to your client, for instant purpose you need to understand some points visually. You can use this web based software and invite your client on the chat room. This web based application can also be used for the entertainment purpose by designers.

2.    Paint.net


Image Source:www.it15.net

It is a professional tool for drawing, painting and photo editing. You can download it and use it as a desktop application. It has a great and user friendly interface. The one requirement  is that you must have windows upgraded version like SP3 or windows Vista.


An innovative user interface with the support of layers. You can do unlimited undo, can add special effects and a wide variety of useful and powerful tools.


Paint.net has the active and online community which provides tutorials, online help and various plug-Ins. It can be positively used as a graphic design application for creating most powerful elements for your website.

3.    Blender


Image Source:www.blender.org

Blender is the freeware 3D Multimedia content creation suite. It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

  1. It has the Flexible and fully configurable window layout.
  2. Undo support at all levels.
  3. Built-in text editor for comments and editing Python scripts
  4. Unwrapping methods like angle based unwrapping.
  5. You can build animation (skeleton) with fast creation mode.
  6. Automatic skinning support.

Hence, many advance options are supported by the Blender Application which provides you an easy way for 3D designing.


It can be best used as a 3D making software, and you can make cool and attractive animations which can be inserted into your website.

4.    Myna

If you want to merge some audio with your graphic works, then this application is best for this kind of work.


  1. You can make your audio tracks remix which can be inserted into your graphic design.
  2. Moreover, you can independently modify the audio file like sets its tempo, merge other audio effects, high nodes, low nodes effects.


Very interesting and entertaining software to modify your music files. And you can place these unique music files into your website background.

5.    Boxee


Image Source:www.lifehacker.com

With the help of Boxee Tool you can view your design media under one place. It is a freeware tool. Moreover, they have their own services which you can avail it and view all the media either into your laptop or in your big Screen LCD TV. They have full tutorial available for attaching your laptop with your digital TV.


  1. It can manage all multimedia items like videos and audios.
  2. Sharing feature is also there.


You can download it, and customize this software for your website, and can merge all the multimedia items into one platform.

6.    ImgBurn


Image Source:www.imgburn.com

ImgBurn is the software application used to burn your web projects into the CD, DVD or even HD/DVD.

  1. It has several Features which includes read, write or build mode.
  2. Read mode provides the DVD to read for an image file.
  3. Create Image file from your computer files.
  4. Write the files or image into the Disc.


It provides the useful means of transferring data into reliable media sources and excellent choice for graphic designers to use the functionality free.

7.    Phoenix

Phoenix allows basic image retouching to advance or complex effects. By viewing its home page you can get the clear picture of what kind of work it can do for you.


  1. It is a complete web based image editing tool available for designers.
  2. It has a toolbar on its left side of the browser window likewise fireworks or Photoshop.
  3. It has different panels for editing image.
  4. Useful options for layer handing or effects like transparency.


Phoenix provides the complete image editing features of a desktop image editor with the simplicity and ease of web based application.

8.    BeFunky


Image Source:www.play.google.com

It’s a Smart Photo Enhancement tool and provides means of editing images with a single click.


  1. BeFunky provides image modification and effects to the daily usage pictures.
  2. It easily fixes your daily photo’s problem with less effort.
  3. There are digital goodies available which can be add-up with your photos like frames, glasses etc…


You can modify your images personally for yourself, can modify your face book profile picture, or as a designer you can add different effects online.

9.    Splashup


Image Source:www.splashup-light.en.softonic.com

Love Photoshop but hate the price? Then use Freeware photo editing web application that is Splashup.Features:
It is not recommended to install any big application software for designing tiny elements. You can use splashup for speedy work online.


  1. It is very light in use, so any user can use it online with less to medium connection speed.
  2. All featured tools are available for editing or adding effects to the image.


Designers and general public can use it easily for image editing.

10.    Picasa


Image Source:www.talkandroid.com

Picasa is the freeware Google product for graphic designers that make your pictures look great.


  1. Manage your photos; organize your digital photo album with Picasa.
  2. Can create slide shows, prints & wallpapers.
  3. You can easily do basic fixes of your photos with less effort and time.
  4. Tuning options are there for images.
  5. Collage feature allow you to combine your best pictures together with a cool background.
  6. You can create virtual photo albums.
  7. Picasa has the powerful searching capabilities by assigning tags and stars to photos.
  8. With the Sharing feature, you can share or sync your photos online easily.


Google Picasa can easily be used by the general public and professional designers.

11.    Dropbox


Image Source:www.whooshtranscription.com

Dropbox is the great tool we have to manage  all our data, either multimedia or simple text.


  1. One of the great features of the dropbox is that it is meant for synchronizing all your data. So wherever you go for travel, you will have all of your files the same.
  2. It gives you the file access by assigning you a single magic box, which can be assess into your laptop, pc or mobile phone.

The persons, professionals, designers who travel very frequently can use dropbox. Even you can place your photos, multimedia items into the dropbox.

12.    Executor


Image Source:www.alternativeto.net

Executer is a multipurpose launcher program and a customized version of Windows Run Functionality.


  1. Programs / short-cuts.
  2. Documents / files / folders.
  3. You can assign number of keywords like shutdown, logoff,  show date, week, show (ip),  start screen saver.
  4. Executer has the fastest searching mechanism based on the assignment of keywords, because keywords are searchable by the user and are easily  remembered.
  5. Auto Completion is supported for keywords.
  6. Send emails.
  7. You can do fast calculations.
  8. Manage and View running applications.

The Designing is the act of making the content  attractive with the use of different designing tools. Sometimes it’s become so hard to locate the element or item related to designing. So this tool can help a graphic designer in this regard to keep track of all data, softwares, applications, and multimedia items. While also providing an easy way to perform tasks efficiently.

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