12 Free Business Card Mockups

I’ve seen too many mundane white business cards with maybe just a logo and some information on it. Even some large organizations don’t have a care in the world about the particular “aesthetics” of their business cards. Maybe they think that the time, cost, and efforts on the design do not make any difference.

In my opinion, no matter how big or small the business venture is a business card needs to have some distinct characteristics as it will be used during formal meetings for introduction and to serve as a memory aid. Go back to the last sentence where I wrote, “Serve as a memory aid”. Well, since it is basically a part of your business’s brand identity, why not give it an alluring makeover to leave a memorable impression on your business partners and other stakeholders?

The best way to ensure that your business card is both memorable and professional is to create something that is simple, yet effective. Now, not everyone will have the design skills or resources for it, so why not use free business card mock-ups for the time being?

So, here’s our selection of some high quality business card mock-ups that will require Adobe Photoshop since they are PSD files, and yes, that means you can customize them as much as possible to make it as unique as you can.

Professional Business Card Mockup Bundle (Freepik)

When sending final designs to clients, using mockups makes things look much more professional. Check out this business card mockup bundle by Freepik and Flaticon to showcase your designs in a whole new light. Clients will appreciate your work more if they can see it in real situations and not have to imagine it.

This business card mockup bundle includes 12 files over 5000 pixels wide at 240 PPI resolution. All files are easy to edit, with smart layers to add your designs seamlessly. This photoshop ready mockup bundle includes awesome details like depth of field and amazing paper textures.

There are three mockups with a light background, three with a dark background, and six tiled mockups. All have the correct layers to show both the front and back designs of the cards. No matter what your designs look like, this mockup has all you need to finalize your work.

Find more mockups for all your designs at Freepik. From merchandising to web design to shirts and mugs, there are mockups for everything. Your designs will always look better in mockups. As always, mockups are easy to customize with smart layers in .psp files.

Vertical Business Card Mock-up



I loved the color selection for this one! If you’re looking for a vertical business card design this mock-up just might be the one for you. Simply download the file, make your changes to the smart objects in Photoshop CS4 (or later versions), click Save and you’re done!

Four Colors Business Card Mock-up



Why stick with the typical white color when you have so many other amazing colors in the world? These luscious colors will surely have you wondering why you ever stuck to the white-space-dominated business cards. It is surely packed with a minimal design and thus a simple yet alluring look. This is a high-quality 2300×1650 pixel design that will require Photoshop v.CS4 or later.

Free PSD: Business Card Mockup



Is it a simple and affordable business card design you’re looking for? Then behold an elegant yet simple design that will make the right, professional impact on others. The card is beautifully dominated by white spaces with a small stripe at the corner end of the card and a top-left place holder for the company’s logo.

7+ Clean Business Card Mock-ups



Here’s a pack of a clean and professional-looking business card design. Not everyone’s looking for colors and fancy artwork, but simplicity at its best. Plus, there’s minimalism to it as well that will probably never lose its worth.

Free QR code Business Card Mock-up



Created by the TinyDesignr website, this business design is suited for a sole proprietors or freelancers. It is a fully layered PSD file that will allow you to edit the design and make any changes you like. Plus, there is the QR Code as well which will allow your recipient of the card to scan the code and land directly to your website.

Business Card Template and Mock-up PSD



This clever and modern design is a perfect combination of both simplicity and creativity. The RGB color shapes add a creative touch to the plain gray-scale scheme. The license is free for any purpose. Simply hit download and the PSD is yours!

Free Square Business Card Mock-up



If you’re a hard-core goth with a love for the black and gray combinations, you’ll love this minimalist square shaped business card. The typography and colors on this design would make any logo and text visually pop out. This template also has organized and separated layers for ease of modification. It’s a 5.5 × 5.5 cm card with 2300×1400px (300dpi) resolution.

Cat Business Card PSD Template



I love cats and I also love the design of this unique business card. However, the design is not limited to cats and dogs or animals business. If you like the design already, just download the file, replace the mock-up logo with your company logo and VIOLA! It’s all yours

Organica Business Card Tag and Product Mock-up



This lovely organic mockup template contains three different editable designs. You can use multiple printing style effects similar to those shown in the picture. There are clear instructions on how to switch printing styles using embossed/debossed layers. It’s another high quality 4000×2667px file that is editable in Adobe Photoshop.

Special Events Business Card Package



Here’s a package of 4 different mockup styles that will add ultimate elegance to your Special Event Projects. You can also switch layer styles for this one to experiment with the embossed/debossed versions. Add a spark to your special event with this ready-to-be modified and free to use business card mock-up.

Free Coffee Business Card Mock-up



This PSD mockup has a very minimalist design. Despite the few objects and colors, it looks marvelous and particularly professional. Edit the layers, replace the logo with your own logo (unless you love the steaming cup too much), add your own name in beautiful script writing, save it and it is ready to use. The color combinations, typography, and gradient styles of the mocha “mockup” have certainly won me over.

Fine Fabric Mockup



This business card mock-up is a royalty-free handmade luxury. The design is meant to be printed on a fine texture card. You can use this luxurious design to add style to your business cards. This is also a fully layered PSD that you can easily edit. It has 1500×1000 pixel dimensions and requires Photoshop v.CS4 (or later).

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