Website Ideas for Beginners

The creative industry and web design capitalize on your unique and original ideas. As a professional web designer, that creativity is tapped on a weekly basis with a number of projects and to keep your business rolling (and clients happy) you need to be able to generate fresh, new ideas and concepts. Knowing what you have to do and actually finding the energy and inspiration to create that creative collateral is another matter entirely.

Finding inspiration for any creative field is difficult, particularly in website design where demand and competition are consistently high. Given the prevalence of eCommerce and online communities, sometimes there is a sense that it has “all been done before” when it comes to innovative website design. Adding your personal touch is important and it will come from a well of your personal and professional experience, but what can you do to keep those ideas and concepts flowing? Where do you as a web designer go to feed your inner creativity and continue to develop websites that create traffic, conversion, and a positive memorable impression?

What is your personal idea process? We’ve provided twelve ways to kick-start your creativity for a new project to help you bring your A-Game.

Creative Ideas to Launch a New Website Project

1. Brand Research – Know the Product


When tackling a web re-design for a Brand and organization, you will receive graphical and text collateral from the client. What is important when formulating the design concept is to take an active look at what they have done in past work. Some designers make the mistake of only evaluating the existing website as a reference point. To really understand the brand and its previous product messaging, you have to delve into other elements including video production, newsletters, brochures, and eBooks. Understand where the Brand has been so that you can take them graphically to where they need to be.

2. Audience Research – Who Are You Talking To?

Target market is one of the most over-utilized terms in brand marketing, however as a web designer you need to be intuitively aware of the audience. Is the product or service speaking to the millennial generation? If so, that audience has its own preference when it comes to web design and communication. Speaking to an older crowd? That will define things like font choice (and size of the font) navigation and multimedia. Designing with UX principles means understanding your audience before you create the framework. Customize your design appeal for the audience.


Your inspiration will, in part come from whatever is trending in the current market. That is not to say that your web design should ever plagiarize a creative concept by another designer, but all creative designs are inspired to a limited degree by other works. As such you need to spend some time evaluating which websites in the same product niche are getting attention. What elements are working for that website? Research and incorporate some of that inspiration into your original work.

4. Subscribe to Web Designer Resources

There are a number of websites and forums that provide community connections with website designers around the world. Bookmark some great resources and review the ‘buzz’ around different fonts, graphics, and multimedia. You will be able to preview what is trending in the design world to keep yourself up to date as well as feed your inner creativity.
Connect with other professionals in your field to discuss elements, innovative design and inspiring portfolios. Looking for great professional resources? Try Ultralinx or Designers Talk Forum.

5. YouTube Designs

Sometimes inspiration can happen with a mere suggestion of something that has a strong aesthetic appeal. YouTube is an underrated source of spectacular design inspiration. Whether amateur creative productions, short indie films, and even professional music videos the imagery presented can take you in an innovative direction. Next time you are waiting or have some idle time, browse trending videos on YouTube via your smartphone for some creative juice.

6. Unplug

The digital age makes design both enriched and challenging, given the amount of noise we have in our daily lives. Whether you are keeping tabs on the Internet feed, social media, or television and radio, you can suffer an overload of stimulus that can make it more difficult to think clearly or to dig deeply into your design potential. Unplug. Take a day of wireless relaxation and do something different. Simply enjoy the white space to coax some of your inspiration out from hiding. For artists, it is important to learn to unplug and create from that white space where most of your good ideas wait.

7. Writing and Sketching


When was the last time you drew something on paper? It seems unheard of in the digital age but it can be very therapeutic to invest some pen or pencil to paper time. Clear your mind and allow yourself to conceptualize on a pad or on a whiteboard. Sketch out some ideas and concepts and leave them in plain view to percolate. It works!

8. Get Some Rest

Those employed in the creative arts are frequently under the pressure of deadlines and other business obligations that can quickly sap energy and creative inspiration. The prescription? Do the unthinkable and budget a nap and some early nights. Well-rested minds are not only able to formulate better quality ideas and concepts, but the focus is enhanced which means that you will be able to be more efficient in your process. Naps aren’t just for kids. Try it.

9. Review Previous Projects

Every project can and should be unique, however, that is not to say that your previous work cannot inspire you or take you in new creative directions for website design. Take a walk down memory lane and revisit some of your best portfolio items. What made those websites unique and effective? Draw inspiration from some of your best work.

10. Engage in Visualization Exercises

Take yourself out of the role of a designer and put yourself squarely in the shoes of your audience. What kind of experience would make an impression on you if you were the audience? Walk through from a UX perspective and evaluate both aesthetics and navigation that would appeal to you. If you like, chances are they will too and if you build it they will come.

Web design is a field that shows no sign of slowing down now or in the future. With more businesses making significant investments in digital marketing, there appears to be no shortage of opportunities for talented designers. Feed your inner creativity by seeking out inspiration for your talent to create truly innovative web designs.

Best Website Design Tips

Web Design is one of the most advanced fields ever-changing trends. The web design industry is one of the most demanded and competitive industries. There are millions of websites present on the World Wide Web now, with hi-tech advancements and innovative ideas implemented on their website.

In the past years, we have seen a rise in experimentation with AI (Artificial Intelligence), Chatbots and voice search interface over websites recently and these are expected to become trendier in the designs implemented in 2018. Like the fashion industry, you need to attract people with intriguing but straightforward ideas for them to be captivated in your site, which makes them a prospective customer since web design is one of the most dynamic fields in the marketing and public domain.

The upcoming year 2018 is going to be the year, where websites will hone and implement advanced technologies, but also with mobile-friendly clean and a crisp environment in their designs. There is going to be more inclination towards Security and the comeback of some old trends like animations.

Make Mobile-Friendly Design your First Priority

We are now in the smartphone era and more than 60% of internet users being through the mobile internet; websites should opt for mobile-responsive design since people want everything to be available on their mobiles. Making a responsive design is more appropriate for all the advancements that are happening these past few years, and it is not an option but a mandatory adjustment to include in the coding to be responsive and straightforward, to be able to adapt to smartphones, laptops, Macs, TV screens and any other technology that comes in the way of your website.

Designing a mobile-responsive site makes it more preferable for SEO Optimization as Google makes mobile-friendly optimization of websites as one of the most critical factors in ranking on search engine results.

People love to be on-the-go in this revolutionary age with making reservations, ordering food, looking for routes, entertainment, voice searches, learning and to connecting with people with their smartphones, hence making your web design mobile-friendly is one of the leading factors to consider.

Make the design simple yet efficient with quality content; avoid the use of large images, as they can be slow to load. Mobile-friendly sites mean less weight and fast-loading sites with a light-design. There is a study by Tyton Media that says, “62% of companies which designed their website for mobile platforms increased their sales”.

Security is the TOP-PRIORITY

A website without protection is almost a taboo these days. From the recent worldwide ransomware attacks to the leaks that happen nearly every day in the news, an unsecured website is a scare-factor for users to lose their precious data. There is also the fact that Chrome labels un-secured sites as harmful and these flagging will drive people right away from your website. You need to secure your site with an SSL Certificate to protect your site’s codes and algorithms, and also to protect each piece of data passed through your site either by the user or by the web host. In addition, adding high-security to your site ensures a positive boost for your ranking in SERPs. Getting a high-security Certificate for your site is not a big deal anymore, as you can install cheap SSL Certificate through many SSL resellers that offer certificates from top Certificate Authorities. Installing an SSL Certificate helps save the site from malicious attacks and data stealing. Certificate installation also protects all the advancements and hard-work that you have put into designing an innovative site.

Opt for a Flat Design with Typography

Flat Design is more user-friendly with less noise, cluttering and lesser loading time with a clean, dynamic site that is a treat to the eyes and simple design gives more clean space for skillful utilization such as animations or a simple illustration to make it beautiful for the eyes. The use of contrasting bright and bold colors, pictures and typography with simple, minimalistic design is making its comeback in 2018.

People have been playing it safe in 2017, but 2018 is going to be the year of welcoming bold colors with elegant designs. Using bold is not going to be repulsive as you opt for a flat design. Instead of high-resolution images, a web design that uses typography or illustrations is going to be the talk of the medium in 2018.

Typography is the use of Fonts as designs. We have seen more emergence of typography, and as people connect typography Stylish, simple yet elegant, it is becoming more preferred by web designers. Typography is seen as a compliment of innovative design. It makes users connect typography with imagery along with the right implemented message. Unique fonts have been playing a significant part in many sites like the Facebooks Logo “F.” This kind of dynamic idea makes your site memorable for the users, inviting them to go further into your content and return in the future. Flat designs do not rely on Hi-Res pictures or substantial amounts of data to be captivating. Hence, it does not have to load irrelevant data when a user opens up the page. These can be designed with an experienced and well-informed web designer and developers.

Scroll-Triggered Animations and Parallax Scrolling are the Bomb in 2022

Animations have been an important trend like a few years back, but like many other things, people got bored with heavy animations that make browsing a slow-loading factor, and the flashy bright ways animations worked in websites made people irritated. However, some recent interests in the innovations seem to make people long for seeing a simple website with easy-for-the-eyes kind of animations. Animations can be lighter for the browser to load, and they are catchy which makes it a double win over the people.

Scroll-triggered animations are a bit complicated to design, but with a talented designer, a few moments is enough to complete the task. These kinds of animations are the pages that move (transitions) as we navigate through a site page. These capture the interest of the users, and adding more creativity to the site cannot hurt. Parallax scrolling is like images that stay in the background as the text or main elements scroll from top to bottom. There are many browser-friendly innovative methods that can be implemented with just a few bucks to make your site the best in 2018. Animations are going to be a top trend in web designing in the year 2018.

2022’s Next-Generation Websites with Chatbots, AI and Voice Search options and Voice Optimization

Artificial Intelligence was a distant dream back in the 90’s and the early 2000’s, but now it is being implemented in every field possible. Chatbots and AI are everywhere from Google and Facebook to almost most of the famous websites online. We talk to a bot on an everyday basis as we call the service provider or when using Ok Google or Siri and they have started taking the initiative in every field, and a life without them is impossible anymore. These technologies do the work for us most of the time, and they are an exciting companion to encounter. As people are gravitating more towards AI and machine learning, 2022 is a year, which is going to see a rise in these in web designing.

With a smooth interface that includes flat designing, making use of Chatbots, simple interactive videos, and voice searches will make seamless interaction a major win-win for web designing. With more mobile internet users arising, people want to be on the top of everything with results on the go. Hence OK Google and Siri are famous and have a good reputation, and 2018 will see more Voice interaction for seamless browsing in websites to make the user experience a memorable one. Making use of these technologies and a clean and crisp design is not much of gambling, as there are more talented professional web designers who will make it happen.

Virtual reality videos are another trend to expect in web designs in 2022. Adding interactive videos, 3D designs, 360 modeling, 360 videos, edits with 360 images, video mapping are some of the overwhelming innovations to occupy websites in the upcoming year. There are many apps already available to achieve these on your website without further searches.

The idea to use animations, animation logo, Virtual reality, illustrations, chatbots and voice interaction is to make the use of your site a multi-sensory experience. These kinds of interactions always grab their attention through compelling visions and stay in their memory to make them visit again, which turns into a conversion point for your business.

Also, these advancements are a plus point to gain SEO ranking in search engines. The primary concentration is to add some of these exciting technologies along with complex-but-light coding and programming to cache more easily browsing that goes light on the data use makes it a non-deniable success with the users and also the search engines.

Beat Competition Through a Memorable, Unique Website

The upcoming year 2022is going to be an exciting year for web designing as we can expect technological advancements, which will make the user’s experience comfortable, smooth, compelling, and seamless interaction. If you are a web designer, make sure to stay in the trend by including these options.

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