10 Unique And Creative Beverage Packaging Designs

Some of the coolest types of projects in the world of graphic design are package designs, and beverage packaging is perhaps the coolest of all.  Not only do designers get to showcase their artistic talents, they are challenged to do so in a way that facilitates function.  After all, beverage packages are also liquid containers and drinking spouts.  Lending to both form and function, the following ten beverage package designs are among the most unique and creative I’ve ever seen.

1.  Frugo by Emily Brownson

Beverage Packaging Designs-1

The top portion of the bottle fills to a single serving size when squeezed.


2.  Heineken Cube by Petit Romain

A novel way to drink one of the world’s most popular beers, this package was designed to gain attention on the shelf.

3.  Soy Mamelle by KIAN

Soy milk in an udder-like package, complete with green eco-friendly spots.

4.  Camp Nectar by Ageisobar

Fruit juice in a package made from real fruit… sweet!

5.  Birdy Juice by Mats Ottdal

Juice boxes with tabs that pull up and down for ears and feet – fun for kids, and an excellent example of how package design can be interactive.

6.  82Go by Hoby Buppert

Eight ounces of water for on-the-go people who are tired of rigid plastic bottles.  Water can be enjoyed straight from the bag, which uses about as much plastic as a typical plastic battle cap.

7.  Vitamin Water by JJ Lee and Cindy Ng

Playing off the vitamin theme, these beverage package designs feature a medicinal capsule theme.

8.  Jimmy’s Iced Coffee by Interabang

Two things I love about this packaging:  first, it nixes the traditional iced-coffee-in-a-bottle look for a more familiar, almost wholesome, milk carton appeal with a fresh, modern design.  Second, a mustache printed on the back adds the fun factor.

9.  Spine Vodka by Johannes Schulz

A glass spine and rib cage make up the interior of this attention-getting vodka bottle design.  Creepier than a Mezcal worm!

10.  Cuatro Almas by GRANtipo

The only corkboard wine bottles I’ve ever seen!

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